So yes I needed to drive by car 1:30 hours.. And yes as I went (with my friend) to the cinema (at first we needed to search it because we didn’t knew where it was) so yes after we found that place of the cinema my friend and me waited.. At 5:30 should be the let in … But it wasn’t so yes .. They let us in at 5:50 pm and there were tons of people and everyone treated and yes the security was always screaming “be quiet or we need to break the M&G off” so yes but whatever when I got my “ticket” (I better say card) I run in that room but I didn’t found it at first but then we found it and then we got a good place I guess it was row 10 or something like that and I was glad with it.. So yes until they come was it already 6:10pm (guessed) and yes then they moved into the room and everyone began to scream.. Well then it was something like dinner dates where some people got chosen and they could ask them one question in front of all people.. After that every row could go to them and take a selfie and this was row for row ..the security said at 6:50 (after we took pictures we needed to go out of the room, get home! , first people already gone) and yes at circa 6:50pm (at 7pm it should be ended (the M&G) yes then the security started saying that we only get one picture with our favorite and not with anyone else. We need to make us chosen between Jai Daniel James Beau and luke. (But we all got pictures with all of them) so yes everyone freaked out and everyone said “the first peolple could take with everyone a picture that’s unfair” so yes the security doesn’t care but still everyone did it (took a picture with everyone) .. So yes the order of the places where they ist was Beau, Luke, James, Daniel and then Jai. At first beau.. When I was in front of him he told me that I’m beautiful and that he loves me so then I cried then he hugged me then I asked him if he could be my first kiss he said “yes beautiful” and yes I don’t know but I guess he wanted me to stay but the security said I should go to luke so yes then we hugged AGIAN and then he said “bye babe” so then I went to luke everyone was normal, then James, he was really cute tbh. Then Daniel, at first he asked me how i am.. I answered this and then I told him that’s he’s beautiful just the way he is and that I love him and that I think he’s cute he said: “aww thank you babe. I love you” then I hugged him and yes then I went to Jai and he said he loves me (everyone did) and yes .. When I went out of the room I run to a girl (I met her in Berlin we become friends and I told her to wait of me so we can talk) then I run into her arms and cried and said “beau kissed me” and yes she was glad and she cried too and it was such a beautiful day!! After that we went to that girl I met in Berlin .. We went to her mothers car then we talked a lot becaus my mom needed 45 minutes and she wanted to wait .. So then we heard girl screaming then that girl I met in Berlin and the friend from me we just run there and then we saw the boys in the car.. That was it:)